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About Prevention

  Q:  Is Child Abuse Preventable? 

       A:  YES. Here's How:

      The root of child abuse and neglect is often related to lack of role models,
      limited education and not having reliable support systems. All parents want
      their children to be successful in school, life and work. Yet, parenting is
      not instinctive.
Parents learn by the way they were parented. 


Families Forward Virginia supports programs that:

  • Provide all parents with information and support so they can raise and nurture their children without physical or emotional abuse 

  • Organize and expand evidence-based, high quality home visiting programs to provide continuous support to overburdened families from the birth of a child through age five

  • Train teachers, day care providers, doctors and other professionals about how to prevent abuse and how to recognize and treat abuse when it does occur

  • Support laws, policies and programs that protect children





is the only cure for child abuse and neglect. Through family education and support programs like home visiting, the vicious and tragic cycles of abuse
can be stopped.

Families Forward Virginia is aligned with the Centers for Disease Control’s  Essentials for Childhood Framework which highlights the five strategies to prevent child abuse and neglect:


1   Strengthen economic supports for families

2   Change social norms to support parents and                   positive parenting

3   Provide quality care and education early in life

4   Enhance parenting skills to promote healthy
     child development

5   Intervene to lessen harms and prevent future risk


The Center for Disease Control “works to stop child abuse and neglect before they occur. In doing this, CDC promotes the development of safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments between children and their parents or caregivers.


Children’s experiences are defined through their environments (such as homes, schools, and neighborhoods) and their relationships with parents, teachers, and other caregivers. Healthy relationships and environments act as a buffer against adverse experiences and are necessary to ensure the long-term physical and emotional well-being of children.”


(Source: CDC)

All parents need and benefit from resources, help and support. Parents and caregivers can call the
Families Forward 1-800-CHILDREN Helpline (call 800-244-5373) for free, personalized information about any
parenting-related topic or issue.  


A key step
to prevention

of child abuse and neglect
is to:


social norms to encourage positive parenting.

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