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Who We Are

Families Forward Virginia, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is Virginia’s leading organization dedicated to disrupting the cycles of child abuse, neglect and poverty.


Supported by both public and private funding, Families Forward provides statewide leadership for and unifies support for a multitude of Virginia programs through evidence-based and multi-generational prevention strategies.


Working with parents and their children, the statewide nonprofit provides Home Visiting Programs, Family Support and Education, Professional Development, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs, Advocacy, Public Awareness/Public Education. Employing a team
of 20 professionals and supported by 50 local affiliated organizations and programs, Families Forward is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. 



Families Forward provides annual training and support for more than 1,000 Virginia parenting professionals and volunteers, and tracks service provision and actual outcomes for multiple services across the Commonwealth.


In 2017, Families Forward Virginia was created as a

result of the merger of Prevent Child Abuse Virginia, CHIP

of Virginia and Early Impact Virginia.

Our Values


We hold our coworkers and clients in high regard and treat them as they would like to be treated. We honor and value unique talents and diverse life and work styles.


We act in an honorable and trustworthy way. We are authentic in our actions and do what we say we will do. We are transparent, ethical and assume positive intent.


We strive to be outstanding. We are strategic and outcome driven and committed to developing the skills necessary to accomplish our mission.


We champion our families and each other. We advocate on behalf of those we serve. We are intentional stewards of all with which we have been entrusted.


We work together, maximizing individual and diverse strengths to achieve the best outcomes. We honor diversity of thought by staying open.

Our Stance on Equity

At Families Forward Virginia, we believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe every family, regardless of race, faith, citizenship, ability, ethnicity, gender identity, age, or sexual orientation has the right to make decisions over their life and future. Every child has fundamental rights, including the right to physical and emotional safety, to basic necessities, to care that is respectful and kind, to healthy relationships and development, to freedom of safe expression, and to fair and equitable services.
Families Forward Virginia strives to create an environment where all employees, and families served, feel respected, valued, and supported regardless of their race, faith, citizenship, ability, ethnicity, gender identity, age or sexual orientation. We are also committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity where everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute and thrive because we understand that equity drives innovation. We are dedicated to continuous learning, improvement, and action to ensure that the families and organizations we support across Virginia thrive in a safe and welcoming environment for all.

More Than 50 Local Affiliated Programs & Organizations in Virginia

Training • Technical Assistance • Quality Assurance • Oversight

Home Visiting Programs


Programs for Parents & Children 

Elementary School Outreach

 Local Affiliated Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Organizations

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