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Virginia Statewide Parent Education Coalition

We're here to support the work you do to strengthen families. The membership of VSPEC includes more than 60 organizations and individual family-service professionals with decades of experience serving thousands of families each year.

VSPEC members provide child and parent education and family support, home visiting and training for fellow professionals.


As a member of VSPEC you will:

  • Engage a network of experts to share information

  • Access professional trainings

  • Receive statewide support from colleagues

  • Market your programs

  • Link to state resources

  • Participate in policy developments

  • Receive timely updates or issues across the state


The Virginia Statewide Parent Education Coalition is a statewide coalition working together to strengthen existing services and identify gaps in parent education programs throughout Virginia.


Vision: All children are nurtured in happy, safe, healthy families.


Mission: A public-private coalition of professionals and parents working to advocate for and ensure that all caregivers have access to quality education, resources and support necessary to raise happy, healthy families.


Core Values: 

  • Nurture and protect children

  • Empower parents and other caregivers

  • Take responsibility for the integrity of our services with others

  • Transform how we work together to reflect best practices and diversity

  • Strengthen communication among parent education networks

  • Promote physical and emotional well-being in ourselves and others



Guiding Principles:

  • Commitment -  to uphold our vision and mission through actions taken as leaders, advocates, educators, collaborators and caregivers

  • Compassion and Caring - for all Virginia families, children and ourselves

  • Respect and Inclusivity – for people of all ages from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds

  • Integrity – in all of our actions, based upon honesty, high ethical standards and commitment to best practice based on research.


There are no membership fees.

For more information and to request an application, contact Julie Rivnak-McAdam, Families Forward Virginia Parent Leadership and Engagement Manager at or 804-359-6166 ext. 311 or 540-412-5826

Click here to learn more about the Virginia Parent

Education Coalition from the Virginia Department of Health 


2023 Active Members

-Child & Family Development and Consultation Services

-Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters

-Families Forward Virginia

-Greater Richmond SCAN

-Hampton Healthy Families Partnership

-Milcah Wade

-Quantico - New Parent Support Program

-Stafford Department of Social Services

-Up Center

-Virginia Cooperative Extension, FCS Family Focus Program

-Virginia Parent Council

Introducing the VSPEC Parent Education Toolkit

The Parent Education Referral Toolkit is designed for judges, court services staff, guardians ad litem, commonwealth attorneys, probation officers, local departments of social services, and others who refer families to parent education programs. The purpose of the toolkit is to enhance understanding of the variations in the types and levels of parent education programs available and to assist in making appropriate referrals based on the best fit between the needs of families and the focus and design of the program.

The toolkit defines three levels of parenting education and describes the population served and the recommended expertise of the educators providing the service. VSPEC wants to ensure you refer families to the right level.

See below to download or view the toolkit which features the following topics:

  • Overview of Parent Education

  • Characteristics of Effective Parent Education Programs

  • Risk and Protective Factors

  • Trauma-Informed Care 


To request additional information or to provide feedback on the toolkit, please contact us.


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