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Virginia Child Abuse Prevention Month Packet

Click here to download and print the Virginia Child Abuse Prevention Month Packet: Building Brighter Childhoods.  


Preview the Educational Handouts

Included in Tool Kit

  • Using ACE Screen to Identify Childhood Trauma 

  • Behaviors and Symptoms of the Autism Spectrum 

  • Self-Care Tips for Parents 

  • Choosing the Right Partner 

  • 15 Tips for Successful Visitation 

  • Keep Cell Phones Away From Babies 

  • Summer Safety Tips

  • Tips To Keep Children Out of Hot Vehicles 

  • Gun Safety Tips 

  • Breastfeeding Tips When Working 

  • Weaning Baby From Breastfeeding 

  • 7 Ways A Child Builds Self Esteem 

  • Technology Tips for All Ages 

  • Tips to Take Technology Off the Table 

  • Helping Your Child with Homework 

  • Grocery Shopping with Young Children 

  • 20 Ways to Make Healthy Eating Fun 

  • What Parents Can Say to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse 

  • How Boys Are Affected by Sexual Abuse 

  • Opioids: Parenting and Resources 

  • Knowing When and How to Choose a Therapist for Your Teen 

  • Connecting With Traumatized Teens 

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