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‘Sound of Freedom’: A Joint Statement from Anti-trafficking Organizations

The following statements were drafted through roundtable discussions at the 2023 Asia Region Anti-Trafficking Conference, and informed by the voices of survivors and practitioners across the sector:

Trafficking is often perpetrated by those known to the victim, including family members. This form of trafficking can be challenging to detect.
Complex vulnerabilities confuse a black and white narrative of villain and victim, making it difficult to define where a person’s exploitation begins and ends.
While kidnapping can occur, sensationalizing such dramatic cases can draw attention away from the more normative methods of trafficking like grooming, manipulation, and coercion.
We must share stories responsibly, supporting survivors, and promoting meaningful change in the fight against human trafficking. It is paramount for us to tell the stories surrounding human trafficking in a way that respects the dignity of those affected. These stories carry immense weight and significance, and it is crucial to present them with sensitivity and empathy, avoiding any sensationalism or further exploitation. By doing so, we honor the experiences of survivors, victims, and their families, fostering a deeper understanding of the issue and inspiring meaningful action.

We encourage everyone feeling moved by this movie to get involved and take action. Here are some simple things you can do...
LISTEN — center the voices of survivors — those with lived experience have incredible insight and wisdom into effective preventative solutions as well as how to best offer support that leads to sustainable freedom.
LEARN — educate yourself about human trafficking through trusted resources. My Slavery Footprint Where Do We Go From Here? Podcast with Dr. Lauren Pinkston Global Slavery Index
SHARE — use your platforms to share about the issue and build awareness.
GIVE — support organizations who are actively working for a slave-free world.
Together, we can work towards a world free from human trafficking.


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