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How to look up your Virginia elected officials

This coming November the entire 1oo seats of the Virginia House and 40 seats of the Virginia Senate are up for election. Not only is every seat open, but candidates are running in brand new districts.

Now is a great time to talk to your elected officials and candidates about how we can change Virginia to support parents and children. This blog post will explain how to find out what district you live/work in, who is running, and how to contact them.

1) What District?

Visit and enter your home and/or your work address. You can contact people who represent both areas. When you enter an address it will show you your current elected officials and it will provide you the "**NEW IN 2024" district for the elections.

2) Who are my representatives/candidates?

Once you know what your new House and Senate district numbers are, you can visit the links below to find out who the candidates for each district are: House Candidates Senate Candidates

3) What do I tell them?

If you work for, or are served by a home visiting program, visit this blogpost to get sample messages for home visiting advocacy.

You can also read our Policy Agenda, which lists out all the issues we advocate for in partnership with our affiliates, allies, and families we serve. Feel free to use any language or messaging in this document in an email, phone call, or letter sent to your elected officials/candidates. You can find their contact information on their websites. Feel free to send them an email, or post on their various social media accounts.

Tell them what you care about and what solutions you want them to implement!


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